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March on the Pentagon - 1967

Rare pictures of the March on the Pentagon in Oct 1967 that I was at......Hard to find them, but I was there for 3 days. Spent the night in the basement of the Pentagon, moved out about 11 AM Saturday morning into that mess.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jerry Pond Remembers . . .

I damned well have many fond, funny, and just wonderful memories of Tony from those days at Ord, Bragg,Gordon,and Korea. He kept us entertained 24/7 and since I was always the one who brooded, worried, got pissed off, was lonely, homesick, felt sorry for myself, it was always exciting and fun when I got to wherever Tony was. He would make each day tolerable and make me forget how homesick and lonely I was no matter what he was personally going through. He would start talking fast, tripping over his own tongue beacuse he couldn't wait to tell us what had happened that day or the night before, and it was always entertaining, funny, and brought us all together. Did he ever tell you about Tucker and Meeks, a couple of southerners from the 503rd M.P.'S at Fort Bragg N.C.? He and Ed had us rolling one day. Tony always had some Music playing-soul or rock as I remember--loud as all hell-HA!-we loved it, and or a guitar in his hands, I wasn't sure if he was singing good or not but it sounded great because I can't sing a damned thing. Oh, there were so many days and nights! I'm just thankful to the U.S.Army that they kept us all together for those 2 years. Tony and Ed saved me from wanting to kill myself. We can't bring that back but the memories are great and everlasting.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tony Likes Boxing - Jerry Quarry

A Jerry Quarry tribute.

Tony Likes Boxing - Jerry Quarry Tribute

More video highlights can be found here:

Tony Likes Boxing - Ali vs Joe Frazier 3 rd6

The Thrilla in Manila

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Tony - AKA the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Fidel & Betty's 1st born is about to defy all of the laws of logic and most of the laws of gravity - he is about to mathematically EARN the wizened age of 60 at a time in which he still graces so many mirrors with the face and physique of a much younger warrior. Rocky Balboa lives and his name is Tony. Elvis did NOT leave the building. He changed his name to Tony. Bruce Lee is back - and this time his name is Tony. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. "What is his name?" Tony! CAN THIS BE TRUE? Yes. Our Tony - the marathon running, heavy bag thumping, hair combing, guitar blazing, mirror gazing, ballad crooning, women swooning, overtime working, defender of the downtrodden and friend to both great and small - is actually reaching the BIG 6 0. Those of us who have been lucky enough to share real estate with his shadow - we who are his family and friends - do not want to let this milestone pass without taking some time to stop and to ponder, to consider for at least some small while ALL THINGS TONY. And so this Blog has been birthed, as Tony himself was birthed 60 years ago in the gateway city of St. Louis. On this page we will post links and videos, words and images that will help to paint a portrait of the man and his times. Siblings, children, all relatives and friends - this is your task. Populate this blog with your favorite Tony stories or memories, photos or songs, or just send the Tone Man your best wishes and undying loyalty and love in your own unique words. Email your submissions to, and begin your subject line with the name Tony. Your words and images will be posted here as MAIN TOPICS. You can add your own comments to these topics as you normally would. So - how about it? Will you help us to construct a living monument to one heck of a great guy? Sure you will. You'll do it for Tony. OUR TONY. The first one of us to take THE HILL - to do as big brothers always do - to go in first and make it look cool so the rest of us won't be so scared *#!"less to follow. Rock on Tony. Rock on.

Permission to Party - by Rachel

Hi Tony! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish nothing but the best for you and may all your greatest wishes come true. How blessed is it to have such a wonderful family to put all of this together? So Cheers to your 60 years, and to many more to come! Take care of yourself have love and faith in the good Lord up above and remember that we all treasure you and love you so very much. Now party down for all of us!!!

Catalina Memories - by Sean, Bronwen and Timothy

Tony. Have a great day - as we did back in 1985 when you took us to Catalina! It was a great holiday and we have loved the U S of A ever since. Lots of love .

Nights with the Browns - by Tim

My favorite Tony memories were the nights when John and Prue brown would come over to visit our parents, and their sons Johnny and Bobby would hit the streets with us looking for excitement. One of our routines was the "water balloon bombs" where we would stalk the neighborhood looking for easy or not so easy targets for the harmless toss of a water balloon. Standout targets: the perfect chimney toss that extinguished one homes fireplace; the over the wall barbeque drop; the water balloon that jammed uninvited with a bar band; and best of all - the time cousin George took things a little too extreme and threw a balloon through someone's front window. The sight of his lanky frame riding away on a bike 10 years too small for him is one I will never forget.

Runner up: filling a car with old Christmas Trees. Good times brother. Happy Birthday.

The Walk - by Tom

What is with that "heads down" walk? We all do it. A guy at Willis called it the"looking for pennies" walk. Mom's description was "Here's my head, my arse is coming."

Uncle Tony - by Emmy

"My Uncle Tony is so strong that he could totally pick you up and he could make your head blood out!"

A Cup of Tea - by Rosanne

I remember when we were kids Mom used to make us a delicious cup of hot tea as a special treat. It was always perfectly sweet and with lots of milk. As I got older, I learned how to make it just right and Tony would often want me to make him a special cup of tea. Remember the big, whiteplastic cups? I didn't mind making tea most of the time, however, there were times that I didn't want to and that's when Tony would become a bit persistent. He would begin to continually keep after me until I gave in. After a while, He started doing this kind of chant "Tea, Rody!", "Tea Rody!" "Tea, Rody!" "Tea, Rody!" until I would eventually give in and make him a cup of tea! (I'm not sure where the nickname "Rody" comes from but I suppose some sort of derivative of "Rosanne"). Anyway, there was this one time I decided I wasn't going to be forced into making him a cup of tea. I decided to refuse him. We were both lying on the living room floor, watching television and Tony wanted a cup of tea (surprise!) I said "No, not right now, I'm watching TV," and then I tried to ignore him, hoping against hope that was the end of it, but somehow knowing it probably wasn't. Then, of course, true to form, here comes the chant "Tea, Rody!" "Tea, Rody!" "Tea, Rody!" It made me so mad, and more determined then ever not to give in and I tried desperately to keep ignoring him. He kept on chanting and I kept on ignoring...and then all of a sudden, it got very quiet. I pretended not to notice but then I felt something dropping all around me, and I looked up and I saw it was money! Tony was tossing pennies at me and then he started whispering the chant "Tea, Rody!" "Tea, Rody!" until I just couldn't take it anymore and I got up laughing and went into the kitchen to make him a cup of tea! Bloody _ E L L !!!! Happy 60th Birthday!

A Letter From Home - by Marie Therese

I am Tim's eldest daughter, living in Lancashire UK. My Father was Tony's mum's brother. All my life he told me about his sisters who married handsome soldiers from America just after the war. I found this letter from Fidel to Betty's sister Mary on one of Betty's visits home. With apologies to Fidel for making public his thougths after so many years, I think it shows the loving home Tony and his siblings enjoyed as a child:

August 16th 1961
Long Beach California,

My Dear Mary, Big Sister,

Thanks for your letter I rec. today and to hear that you are doing fine. We are all well here at home. We all do miss Betty very much but in a case like this we can stand it a long time. Mary I would of gave anything to have been at the station the day of the arrival. I can picture it all. I bet it was a thrill when you saw each other. When I read your letter I dripped a few tears too. Hope we both have made Dad happy God Bless Him. You see Mary it’s the other way around. Betty takes good care or me without her I don’t know what would become of us. God has been good to me. I have a castle when I get home from work. I always find the house warm, cozy, food on the table, clean clothes done and affection. No money can buy that, and of course 4 lovely children.

Yes Mary this world is certainly growing smaller. We get closer every day. There supposed to be building a ship that will travel from USA to England in the near future very reasonably. Hope it’s very soon. And even if its not we will make it I am sure. We won't go so fast as Betty did but we will get there. And tell Betty next time I send her on her own she will probably go in a rocket and make it in a few minutes. She did pretty good this time 10 ½ hours from California to England. I can’t wait till she returns. She will have so much to tell me.

Well Mary I will close for now and hoping to be hearing from you again. Bye for now, our love and prayers from all of us.

Ps Give Betty a hug from me Fidel.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tony's Roots - Wigan Delivers a Challenge

Hi Tony. When are you going to get your ass over here to see your roots !!!!!!!!!!! We've got a room waiting.. just needs you to fill it. Love you loads, have a great birthday,
Joan, Les, Will, Rob, and Joe

A Kinder, Gentler Tony - by Gloria

It must have been sometime in 1970 that a new song came out, Crystal Blue Persuasion. I remember the first time I heard it, Tony was singing it and playing the guitar. Every time I hear that song I think of Tony, the guy who married my best High School buddy. I remember thinking this big tough guy had a very tender side. Happy Birthday Tony, Fond Memories, Gloria.

Volleyball Days - by Michele (L.) D.

I-remember when we all used to play volleyball at Stearns Park together and hang out at your Mom's on Termino.....
Hope you have a wonderful, wild, crazy fiesta of a birthday!

Tony Likes Nicknames - by Jim

So Uncle Tony has single handedly kept my childhood nickname alive for 36 years now - and counting I'm sure! Truth is I really like it. Being greeted by that name gives me a pleasant and connected sense of family that I really appreciate. Happy Birthday Uncle Tony. Teeter

Tony Radio - Internet Tunes

Tony sent me this link a few weeks back. Playa Cofi Jukebox - the best songs of the Top 100 from 1940 to 1984. What songs were rocking all the cool cars during your High School years? Find out at . AND - if you've gotta know what's hot today, check out the Billboard Charts.